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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in Badass Butterfly Training.  The program is on hold until February 2019, but you can still sign-up now (below) for the FREE membership and be updated with the news about my upcoming book release.  Please read on to get a quick update about the program or scroll to the bottom to grab your FREE membership...

I've decided to publish a book of New and Full Moon reports and rituals that will give you the core information you would need to navigate the each Moon phase.  The goal of the book is to provide you with a year-long comprehensive healing guide that helps you deal with your Shadows and create a powerful future full of joy.
It is in workbook form and it contains reports and rituals for all 24 yearly New and Full Moon phases, along with exercises, journaling inspiriation and guides to essential oils, healing stones, and chakra healing.  It is also a COLORING BOOK!  Hahahahahaa!   My job is to guide you through serious healing with an outlet for creativity and FUN.  The book is a serious tool for healing, but it has an upbeat feeling and it does take you on a 365 day journey of transformation.  At the end of the year, you'll have a vibrant document that tells YOUR unique story of transformation.
I am very excited about this new way of presenting my work AND I'm going to need time and focus to get it done, though.  To insure my sanity and the quality of my offering, I am suspending all Badass Butterfly Training updates until February, when the book will be released.  When the training starts again, it will use the book as the guide and there will be a series of group sessions that will follow the healing agenda as outlined in the book.  The point would be for us to work through the book together over the course of the year.  But I'll tell you more about that later.  But for now, just know that I'm retreating from the monthly Moon reports until my book is done.
If all of this sounds interesting for you, please sign up below, as  I will be submitting updates and sneak-peeks through this membership.
I'll still be running my programs for Shadow Work and Spiritual Life Coach Certification, so reach out if you want to talk to me about those.  Book a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session and I can give you any details you need.
I am super excited, friend! I will send you a little progress update here and there as I move through my work.
Big hug from my paradise in Fiesole, Italy,
Crystal Lynn

You are a precious Soul awakening to your Badass Nature...

Transforming yourself into a powerful being of Light is not easy, but the process should bring you joy.  At the Beloved Caterpillar membership level, you are going to receive some awesome tools to help you awaken your Badass Butterfly self.  This membership is totally free.  Sign-up at the bottom of this page!

Program Basics...

  1.  Your greatest ally each month is the Moon.  At this level of membership, you're going to get two monthly reports that tell you exactly where the Moon is and how to best use her energy to heal your life and realize emotional wellness in yourself.
  2. You'll also be given a super-inspiring video replay of the monthly Badass Butterfly Gathering.  In these sessions, Spirit flows-- delivering powerful messages to all who hear.
  3. At the Beloved Caterpillar membership level, you'll also be automatically enrolled in Badass Butterfly's Moonlight Book Club where we choose a new book every month and then we get together on the fourth Sunday of each month to discuss it.  FUN!
  4. Oh!  And this is something I particularly love:  Monthly Spirit Challenges!  Each month, you are invited to do one of our challenges that will encourage you to deepen your spiritual growth and emotional empowerment.  Details will be emailed to you before the challenges open so you can prepare and get the most out of them.

The best part of Badass Butterfly Training is that you can participate in whatever depth you want.  The information is always here for you to access when you need it.

Choose the FREE Beloved Caterpillar membership level and you will automatically receive:

  • Moon Reports: The monthly Full Moon and New Moon reports delivered right to your inbox
  • Badass Butterfly Gathering:  You get the replay for Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly.  This informative gathering of Badasses sets you up to thrive in the coming month with Astrology and intuitive guidance.
  • Book Club:  Automatic enrollment in Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club (optional)
  • Challenges:  Invitations to participate in Monthly Spirit Challenges
  • The Training Site:  Exclusive access to the Badass Butterfly Training website
  • The Tribe Online:  Free entry to our private Badass Butterfly Training Facebook Group

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