Badass Butterfly Wings Membership

You are ready to soar!

If you feel like the Universe is calling you inward for deep healing and profound transformation then this is the program for you.

Choose the Badass Butterfly Wings membership level if you are ready to start doing some very focused work on becoming a Badass Butterfly.  At this membership level, you are diving deep into your SOUL to unlock your greatest potential.  You are ready to commit to your Higher Self and your Soul, Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Sign-up at the bottom of this page!

Badass Butterfly Wings engages you every week in powerful healing…

What you experience in this program transforms and heals your life.  Regular and consistent use of this program will help you overcome obstacles, improve your emotional state and raise your vibration as you find sabotaging belief and thought patterns, heal relationships, mend your broken heart, clear and balance your chakras, raise your self-esteem and self -confidence, and get powerfully connected to the Moon, the Stars and the Sun.

You will be delivered a series of videos, articles and mp3s giving you spiritual and emotional wellness teachings, meditations and healings.  There is a calendar that tells you what activities to do, so your work will be aligned with the Stars.  You’ll follow the simple guidelines and let the program take you to deep into spiritual awakening and emotional balance.

The Badass Butterfly Wings program is going to teach you things like Shadow Work, Light Work, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, the Law of Attraction, the Cycle of Manifestation, and the Principle of Allowance.  You will also go deeply into powerful healing concepts such as as Forgiveness, Trust, Intimacy, Gratitude/Appreciation, and Surrender.  This is a rich program that is meant to take you on a real transformational journey.

Program Basics…

Included in the Badass Butterfly Wings program are the benefits from both the Beloved Caterpillar and the Gentle Cocooning levels.

In addition to these Beloved Caterpillar and Gentle Cocooning benefits…
  • Moon Reports and Rituals: The monthly Full Moon and New Moon reports delivered right to your inbox
  • Moon Meditation:  Download the Full and New Moon Meditation to help you connect
  • Spiritual Guidance:  The complete monthly Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly report and download (includes Moon Reports and Tarot Insight) delivered right to your inbox.
  • Personalized Reading:  Private invitation and a personalized reading during the monthly Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly Gathering.  You have the option to submit your question offline if you are unable to attend the live event.
  • Book Club:  Automatic enrollment in Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club (optional)
  • Challenges:  Invitations to participate in Monthly Spirit Challenges
  • The Training Site:  Exclusive access to the Badass Butterfly Training website
  • The Tribe Online:  Free entry to our private Badass Butterfly Training Facebook Group
You’ll get these these high-vibration additions:
  • Seasonal Meditation and Blessing download (mp3/video)
  • Invites to private Badass Butterfly Training online workshops and classes.
  • ♥ Exclusive access to the Badass Butterfly Training Monthly Healing Exercise.  Each month you are given a powerful healing exercise to learn, practice and apply to yourself for healing.  The goal of this Healing Exercise is to help you consciously use the current energies of the month to assist in your healing journey.  This comes in the form of a video/mp3 with step-by-step instructions to follow.
  • ♥ Exclusive access to the Badass Butterfly Emotional Healing Video Series.  This video series is a complete emotional healing course that arrives in your inbox every two weeks.  It teaches you how to do Shadow Work, Light Work and Healing.  You’ll learn powerful spiritual practices like smudging and protection, as well as, diving deeply into spiritual laws like the Law of Attraction, the Principle of Allowance, and the Cycle of Manifestation.  This entire course is especially curated and delivered to you in a way that will allow you to right away connect with your Higher Self, communicate with your Soul and Spirit Guides, revive your Inner Child, correct any disempowered subconscious thoughts and very powerfully awaken to your Badass Butterfly self.  This is a powerful healing and transformational weapon that will teach you so much about your spirit and your emotional self!  This is going to truly make you recognize your Badass Butterfly Nature!

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