Badass Butterfly Master Manifestor Membership

Please sign up for the Badass Butterfly Master Manifestor membership level.

If you want to dive DEEP into the transformation process then you’ll join the Badass Butterfly Training at the Badass Butterfly Master Manifestor level.  At the Badass Butterfly Master Manifestor level, you’ll pay $360 per month and receive all the benefits of the Badass Butterfly Wings membership levels with the additional benefits of:

  • ♥ Four Badass Butterfly Group Coaching sessions per month!  This is when you come together with other Badass Butterflies and get coaching help for your own unique energy and healing journey.  In group coaching you receive your own coaching, but you also gain by learning from the other members in the session.  You can bring your work around the videos you’re currently working on or just a personal issue you want to resolve.  These sessions are magical as our Spirit Guides bring us together to work through powerful initiations into new life and new expressions!  This group work is a powerful way to get the healing you need from an expert group and a community of like-minded Souls awakening as you are.