New Moon in Libra October 9, 2018: Restoring Balance and Harmony to Relationships


Do the three-day New Moon in Libra Ritual (found below the New Moon module on your training dashboard) at any time between October 7th and October 12th for the best effects. The New Moon rises in Libra on October 9th at 5:46 am CEST.

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Keywords for New Moon in Libra: 
✧ The feminine nature is allowance✧ Balance ✧ Partnership
✧ Harmony ✧ Thinking and feeling

One more quick note:  if you’re a member of the Gentle Cocooning Training or higher, then you’ll have the Sun and Moon Quick Guide on your training dashboard.  I suggest you download it and put it at your altar or workspace to remind you of what’s happening over the next couple of weeks.

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When the Sun rises in each sign, we all experience a shift in our personality.  The Sun rules the outward expression of your (little) self.  It doesn’t matter under what sign you were born.  Each month, there is a subtle shift in your personality—the way you think, feel and behave.  So, in a sense, each month, we all become more of the current Sun sign.  When the Sun rises in a masculine sign, for example, we tend to be a little more active and outward.  When it rises in a feminine sign, we tend to be a bit more allowing and receptive.  This subtle shift happens naturally, and in my experience, one of the best things we can do is to go with the flow of what is happening.  I write these monthly reports so that you can have some insight about what’s happening with the energy affecting your inner and outer way of being.  I focus primarily on the Sun and the Moon because those are plenty to give most of us powerful guidance.  Every planet exerts influence, but the Sun and the Moon are so easy for us to follow as we can see them every day and it is quite easy to relate to them.

The Sun, by nature, is masculine authority.  Its movement through the zodiac determines how your outward authoritative self is developing.  As it moves from sign to sign, you’ll notice a change in your masculine parts—your thinking, your actions, your outward focus and drives.  The Sun is a strong masculine influence helping your personality EVOLVE.  It is helping you develop.  You have an opportunity each month to experience a deepening connection to your masculine authority in the sectors through which the Sun is traveling.  For example, when the Sun is in Aries, we all feel more connected to our physical body, more strong in our outlook, more courageous and bold, more adventurous, more willing to take risks.  In the northern hemisphere, the Sun moves into Aries on the first day of Spring and we can very easily relate to the budding newness of the Earth.  The land feels rich and fertile and our sexuality blossoms.

How to benefit from the energies...

Currently, the Sun is transiting the sign of Libra, and we can expect to experience more Libra in our personality.  If you are a member of the Gentle Cocooning Badass Butterfly Training (or higher levels,) then you’ll have access to the Sun and Moon Quick Guide.  This is a one-page document that summarizes both the qualities of the current Sun and Moon positions.  I recommend printing this out and posting it in your meditation space so that you can use it as a reference to help you work with the energies over the course of the phase.

The sign of Libra is represented by a set of scales.  This is because this constellation of stars (light energy) holds the vibration of balance.  Aries is the first sign in the zodiac so, the halfway point of the zodiac is Libra, its exact opposite.  We can already start to see that when we move into Libra, we’re at a balancing point with half the Zodiac on one side and the other half on the other side.  So yeah!!! This is a great time to start seeking balance in yourself!

Now is a great time to look at where you go to extremes in your thinking, feeling and behaving.  Look at where you are out of alignment.  The Sun moved into Libra on September 23rd and it will stay until October 22nd.  This whole month-long period is a great time to do assessments of your life.  Are you balancing work and play?  Masculine focus with feminine focus?  Are you meditating and giving time to your spiritual life or are you being overly outward—giving all your time to other people and other endeavors… maybe even avoiding spending time alone?  How are you in your relationships?  It is easy to put our focus on the other person in our partnerships, but this must be balanced with focusing on ourselves.  And of course, we might be on the other end of that spectrum where we are only considering our own perspective and not seeing our partner enough.  Be careful, friend!  This could sneak up on you as a spiritual blindspot.  We point our finger at the other person and forget that three fingers are pointing back at us.  The Sun in Libra is an excellent opportunity to get our perspective balanced because Libra, in addition to balance, is also about partnership.

Again, Libra is opposite Aries.  Aries is all about the self.  It is ruled by Mars and it has a strong, confident ego.  Libra, being on the other end of the spectrum is about partnership and relativity.  When the Sun come to this end of the Zodiac, we are naturally moved to balance and harmonize our self through our relationships.  Put this at the very top of your focus this month, my friend.  Use this Sun in Libra energy to bring balance and harmony to your world—especially your relationships.

On October 9th, the Moon rises new in Libra, so there is a double emphasis on creating harmony and balance in your life.

Where the Sun helps us express our masculine authority, the Moon pulls out our feminine authority.  What’s the difference, you may be wondering?  Well, let me give you a few basics to consider.

We live in a world of polarity and contrast.  As the Divine having a human experience, we can sometimes get really caught up in the contrast, which is our darkness and Shadow.  It is helpful for polarity and contrast to help us understand what we are and what we are not.  Hahahaha!  I can’t seem to escape it!

In general, masculine authority is our outward presence, our thinking nature, our action, and how we show up in the world.  The key here is outward expressions driven by action.

Feminine authority, on the other hand, is our inner authority—how we show up inside ourselves and how we receive and allow.  In a way, the feminine authority is our instinctive, wild and natural side.  You see, Action needs a counterbalance in this world, doesn’t it?  There are times when we take action and other times when we Allow.  Feminine authority is Allowance.  It is our feeling nature.  The key here is inward expressions that unfold and blossom like a flower.

The Moon is our key guide in helping us to develop our feminine authority.  Isn’t it interesting that the Sun is so big and the Moon so small yet both travel at about the same pace in their phases?  The Sun spends about 30 days in each sign but the Moon spends only about 2 days.  The Moon’s phases always bring her back to the Sun in the same sign when she is New.  So approximately every 28 days the Moon and Sun get together in the same sign for a little sumpn-sumpn.   That’s why this phase is so important.  Some say that the New Moon is her most powerful time.  It is a time of creation.  What you do during this time is ultra important for determining your future!  As the New Moon (feminine) and the Sun (masculine) are in the same sign, it is easy to think of this as a moment of conception.  What’s being conceived?  Whatever you decide.  Doing a ritual at the New Moon is an excellent way to get directly involved with your power to manifest the future you desire.  In our Law of Attraction world, at the time of the New Moon, Master Manifestors work on two levels—inwardly and outwardly.  Inwardly, you work with the feminine self (using the Moon) to clear your energy fields of disparate energy, balance your emotions, heal your mind and soothe your body.  Outwardly, you work with the masculine self (using the Sun) to create plans and take actions that are INSPIRED BY THE HARMONY INSIDE YOURSELF!

Be careful, friend.  If you are taking actions only from your thinking nature and you are not involving your feeling nature, then you are out of balance!  Use this Libra energy to balance these!  Polarities and contrast exist inside you, but it is up to you to harness and balance them.  You must clear your interior world of psychic debris such as self doubt, fear, anxiety and old outdated negative thinking and take action in the exterior world from the new place of gorgeous balance that exists inside yourself.  This is essential and the work of Badass Butterfly Training.  I started these Moon and Sun reports as a way to help you have two powerful tools each month to develop and evolve.  I brought in the rituals so that you could totally connect.  I’ve added meditations to help deepen your connection.  And now we even have online group sessions and video classes to help you thrive.  Starting here with the Moon reports is great.  Try the ritual, for sure and definitely the meditations!

In my life, I think of moving between the polarities as a dance.  When you dance salsa, the man leads.  Period.  The woman responds with fluidity.  He has direction and an aim. She has flexibility, allowance, receptivity and beauty.

In my recent move to Italy, I said, “I’m moving to Italy.”  That was masculine.  It was direct.  It was a firm decision.  How I got here was partially masculine and partially feminine.  It was thinking and intuiting.  For some things I made plans and followed rules (masculine.)  For example, organizing my paperwork for my visa.  Typing letters, make agreements and negotiating terms. Other things, I let unfold—finding my beautiful house with the exquisite view, bamboo and pine groves, olive trees and wild sage, oregano, thyme and other herbs. Meeting my new friend, Giuditta, who happens to be an artist with a great sense of spirituality.  Our openheartedness brought us together on the same bus five times and we started talking and exchanged phone numbers… We haven’t been on the same bus since we exchanged numbers!  That’s all intuition and feminine allowance.

Friend, as you go into this New Moon phase, think about what you want to bring in for yourself.  If you feel resistance, doubt, fear, anxiety, then do Shadow Work.  I’m gonna take your through a powerful process in the New Moon Ritual, so if you’re registered for the Gentle Cocooning Training, Wings Training, or Master Manifestor Training programs, then you just need to log into your account and sit down to do it.  If you’re not registered for one of my Badass Butterfly Trainings, then check them out!  I’m offering the Gentle Cocooning Training level for one month free so you can try it out.  If you’re wanting a powerful ritual and connection, then you’ll love it!