Take Your Life Back From Your Ego: Happy New Moon in Scorpio!

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★ Do the 3-day New Moon in Scorpio Ritual any time between November 4th and finish before November 14th for the best effects. The New Moon rises in Scorpio on November 7th at 5:01pm CEST.  Moon Rituals are all available as part of your Badass Butterfly Training at the Gentle Cocooning level and higher.   Sign up for membership and get access to the entire Full Moon Report, the RITUAL and my entire Badass Butterfly Self-Love program.

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Keywords for New Moon in Scorpio:

Connection Death and Rebirth  Sexuality ★ OPM: Other People’s Money ★ The Occult

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Introduction to the New Moon in Scorpio…

Have you been getting your booty whipped by the Universe, Beloved Badass-Buttterfly-in-Training?

Forgive me as I say this… But I hope so.  Because it is in the booty whipping that the Universe is priming you for success.  And not just a lukewarm, mediocre success.  The Universe is priming you to be a kick-ass, top of the line champion of champions.  A true Badass Butterfly.  Right now, Precious One, your Greatest Potential is being offered to you on a silver platter… a silver platter that is being protected by a big, badass scorpion.

Hehehehe!  Happy New Moon in Scorpio!  The New Moon rises in Scorpio on November 7th at 5:01pm.  Rejoice!  Because it’s time to take back your life from your ego.

If you can feel the booty whipping, you’ll note that every time you arrogantly reach for your Highest Potential you find yourself getting stung.  You rack your mind and keep trying different approaches, but each time that long and lithe scorpion tail reaches out and thwacks you back a step or two.  Each time you’re stung, there is a terrible pain that you feel in your core.  Shock, humiliation, betrayal… the rug is pulled out from beneath your feet and you find yourself suffering.

The thing is, Beloved, you must understand that right now, this is your period of awakening, and you are in the fight of your life.  You are fighting for the greatest treasure:  ownership of your life—your AUTHORITY.

The period began a few months back and it is gaining momentum.  In the Spring, the Universe dared you to dream your biggest dreams and you said, “Yes.”  That “Yes” was a signal to the entire cosmos that you are on board the success train.  The thing that you may not have understood, however, is the deep changes you would need to make at the level of your Soul in order for you to have that success be long lasting and forever.

You see, Beloved, you are NOT just an ordinary human being.  You are Divinity in form and this is what must be awakened in you SO THAT OUR ENTIRE PLANET CAN SHIFT.  You are a change-maker but the change must begin within you.

Your dreams, hopes and ambitions are all worthy, but there must be significant change in your ego so that your Inner Wisdom can come through.  Your ego is a mask that you formed to protect your Inner Light.  But along the way, your ego became the driver of your focus and this is really the only problem you have.  Your problems are not your outer world circumstances.  Your only issue is managing the collection of thoughts, beliefs, choices and focus that make up your ego.  Your ego is a mask of lies that cover up the Truth of the nature of Reality and subsequently, your innate magnificence.  The time has arrived for you to drop the mask.  The Sun and New Moon in Scorpio are the doorway.

If you are reading this article, then Spirit has guided you here because you need to know what I’m about to tell you.  You need to know that the mask of your ego is the source of all your pain and it is time for that mask to be removed for good.  It is time for you to let go of all the lies you’ve been telling yourself about who you are and why you do what you do.  You’ve been perpetuating myths and only living up to a millionth of your greatest potential and now is the time to get off the path of suffering and Self-destruction, and to get on the road to true enlightenment.

When the Sun rises in any sign, we become more like that sign.  It’s like our personality has been implanted in another landscape that looks identical to the one we are accustomed to, but there’s a very thin filter that is slightly changing our perception.  With the Sun’s shift into Scorpio on October 23rd, we all became a little more feminine, intuitive, a little more sexual.  When it rises in Scorpio, our outer, masculine authority and our personality shift to become Scorpio-like.  Imagine yourself to be a powerful being dialed into their emotions, connected to their bodies and super aware of their desires.  That’s what you are right now.

As I said, on November 7th, the Moon rises new in Scorpio.  The Moon is our inward (feminine) Authority and when she rises, we enter a time when we should think about what we desire to manifest for ourselves in the material world.

Scorpio is a magical sign, most recognizable by the level of its intensity.  Scorpio people are intense! This is mostly because of Scorpio’s ability to be present and CONNECTED in the moment.  You could easily swap out the word ‘intense’ with the word CONNECTED and get the gist of what Scorpio feels like.  But many people suffer from a crisis of CONNECTION so ‘intense’ helps them understand Scorpio a little bit better.

When you investigate the keywords for this Sun and Moon phase, you’ll find that ‘connection’ is at the center of all those 8th house qualities.  In this house is contained things that pertain to death, and rebirth; taxes, inheritance, debt and credit (aka other people’s money;) sex, intimacy and connection; the occult, magick and the underworld.  Pluto is a dwarf planet, but that little guy is a badass that is responsible for all our urges to power.

Your ego is thinking that your Highest Potential is caught up in the illusory material world.  It thinks this because it is a limited little monster that can only see through the eyes of the past and its limited perception.  So if you keep on reaching for the platter of your Highest Potential with egoic hands, those hands are going to get stung.  If you keep on looking at your Highest Potential with egoic eyes, your eyes are going to get stung.  It’s all gonna hurt.  But you know what?  Every sting brings you the Medicine you need to dissolve the mask of the ego.

My advice is to let it.

Start off by CONNECTING to the sting itself.  You know that pain you’re feeling?  Ego wants to avoid that pain, so it walls it off and tries to distract you so you can’t feel it.  Stop it right there and instead, reach for the pain.  The nature of Scorpio gives you access to your deepest emotions, so reaching for that pain to heal it is one of the great opportunities of this Sun and Moon transit

Now, normally, during the New Moon phases, I don’t encourage you to do a lot of Shadow Work, meaning working with your negative emotions.  But that is changing.  I am encouraging you to delve into your dark emotions now because you can take the pain and use it to create your future.  And again, this is the nature of Scorpio, so try to enjoy the process and be appreciative of it.

The Sun and New Moon in Scorpio are here to help you stop resisting the simplicity of your Highest Potential.  Stop complicating your life with your egoic needs and desires.  Stop hiding behind your ego’s weird-ass eccentricities, judgments, and fears.  Take a risk on feeling your way with your heart and allowing the Universe to bring you what you need according to Divine Timing.  Let go of your egoic obsessions and instead, sit still and just be.

There is an opportunity for you to have a tremendous breakthrough RIGHT NOW.  But it’s not going to come by your ego forcing its way into the situation and demanding that the Universe answer it.  The Universe does not give a flying f*ck about your ego’s demands and the way your ego wants the world to behave.  The Universe cares only about your vibration and your vibration is determined by what you identify with most.  If you are identifying with your Authentic Self, which is innocent, connected and trusting, then you are going to experience a world that reflects innocence, connection and trust.  But if you are identified with your ego, which again is about the past, fear, and limited perception, then you are going to experience all that—repetitions of past drama, trauma, obstacles, and anxieties.

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And as always, I am really excited to meet my readers and to offer assistance when you need it.  I invite you to book yourself in for a complimentary Emotional Wellness Strategizing Session to discuss your spiritual and emotional needs and how I can help.  You can also ask about my different programs.  When I show up and my reader is there, it is a joyful pleasure to hear your voice and learn about you.  That’s why I do this.  So book yourself in.  OH!  One other thing… there’s an intake form to complete before finalizing the appointment.  If you do a half-assed job on it, (for example, one word answers, blanks, etc) I will cancel the appointment.  I show up 100% and I expect you to be invested at my level– otherwise, we are not a vibrational match and neither one of us need to waste our energy trying to connect.  Thanks for understanding, Precious One!

Happy New Moon!




Shame vs Unconditional Love: Happy Full Moon in Taurus!


Beloved friend, Happy Full Moon!  The best way to access the entire Full Moon in Taurus Report and to support my work is through a membership in the Badass Butterfly Training program.  You can get the complete Full Moon in Taurus report AND the entire New and Full Moon Rituals depending on the membership level you choose.  Membership pricing starts at FREE!

Do the 5-day Full Moon in Taurus Ritual any time between October 21st and finish before October 27th for the best effects. The Full Moon rises in Taurus on October 24th at 6:45 pm CEST.  Moon Rituals are all available as part of your Badass Butterfly Training at the Gentle Cocooning level and higher.   Sign up for membership and get access to the entire Full Moon Report, the RITUAL and my entire Badass Butterfly Self-Love program. Save 10% on a year of Gentle Cocooning if you sign-up before October 31st.  Use coupon code Halloween18.

Just a quick note: if you’re a member of the Gentle Cocooning Training or higher, then you’ll have the Sun and Moon Quick Guide on your training dashboard. I suggest you download it and put it at your altar or workspace to remind you of what’s happening over the next couple of weeks.

Keywords for Full Moon in Taurus:

Intimacy ✧ Connection ✧ Self-Worth ✧ Sacral Chakra ✧ Root Chakra

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Happy Full Moon in Taurus, Dear Friends! The Butterfly Maiden is our Spirit Guide for this powerful Moon phase. The Butterfly Maiden represents transformation and she comes forth to help us break out of the shell of our Shadow.

Our doubt, fear, and low self-esteem become a prison for our Soul, and every time the Moon becomes full, we are given a chance to break ourselves free. For the Full Moon Ritual, I called upon a Goddess to help us expand, grow and develop during this Full Moon phase, and the Butterfly Maiden came forth. Mind you, she also came forth two weeks ago at the New Moon. I don't consciously choose these cards, friends.  I pull them from Doreen Virtue's Goddess Oracle deck every two weeks.  Clearly, the Butterfly Maiden wants us to truly become the Badass Butterflies we are meant to be!

As you know, each month I write two reports that tell you how to best work with the New and Full Moon energies. Right now, in this very moment, the Moon is Full in Taurus. Taurus is the sign that rules what you have materially, what you earn for income, and what you value. It is also the sign of your SELF-WORTH! Do you realize that what you earn and what you have are directly related to your SELF-WORTH AND SELF-ESTEEM???This Full Moon report is packed with information to help you find healing and wholeness where you might be feeling broken, lost or stuck.

And to enhance what I have written in the reports, I also prepare two special healing rituals that are meant to help you overcome the parts of your Shadow self that are stuck. Your Shadow Self is the part of you that is living in fear and doubt and suffers from anxiety and is experiencing lack. Right now, the Full Moon Ritual is having you face your self-worth and how you deal with intimacy, sexuality, and money. This is a HUGE Moon phase we're in right now, my friend.

If you are reading this report on this page, then you are probably not a member of my Badass Butterfly Training.  I want to encourage you to join the training so you can have at least access to the FULL report.  You can get this at the FREE Beloved Caterpillar level.  So hop over there and sign up real quick and access the entire report on your dashboard.  If you're not convinced of the excellence and power of my work to give you what you need, then you are welcome to read the short but sweet version of the report below...

When I first moved into my apartment here in Tuscany...

... I found a little black scorpion in my bedroom. It was dead which I found both relieving and terrible as I still had to deal with removing it. I don’t know about you, but I hate dealing with dead things.

Anyway, the important thing is that there was a scorpion in my bedroom! That’s totally auspicious because although scorpions have a terrible sting, Scorpio energy rules the bedroom and coincidentally, it rules dead things. I took this little visitor to be a blessing of abundant romantic interludes and the promise of what is to finally die for good. YES!

On October 23rd, the Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio and the on October 24th, the Moon rises full in Taurus. This means really good things for us all—although it may be a tough road to hoe. Scorpio rules the 8th house, which is the House of Transformation and Taurus rules the 2nd house of Self-Worth. This is a powerful combination because we are being given a golden opportunity to transform our feelings of self-worth. If you follow this guide and work with the Sun and the Moon, you just might find that you have freed yourself from shame and welcomed Unconditional Self-Love into your life.

So many people write me each week asking how to feel worthy, how to recognize their worth, and how to feel appreciated. I have found that many people don’t have a clue about what it means to truly value themselves. Getting a manicure is not valuing yourself. It is a lovely thing to do for yourself, indeed. But religious trips to get a mani-pedi or even a massage are not evidence of how much you love yourself.

Evidence of Self-Love is your willingness to release your guilt and shame. It is your willingness to leave the crappy job and the impoverished relationship that is dragging you down. It’s the confidence and trust that you put in yourself that you can achieve whatever it is you desire—even if it takes hard work and tons of grit. And hey, your self-worth is your ability to surrender to the arms of this loving Universe and KNOW that you are meant to not just survive but thrive... and take ALL of your actions from this place of trust and knowing (not just the safe ones.)

This is huge, friend. And this is what the Sun in Scorpio and Full Moon in Taurus have in store for us. This period is ultimately about how you connect OR NOT—whether you are disconnected from life and living on the outside or if you are a welcome insider... powerfully manifesting like a badass and knowing your worth. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and what you choose this month will affect your happiness at the deepest level. On your list of things to consider should be sex, money, creativity, connection to Spirit, intuition, vulnerability, sensuality, death and rebirth (as I mentioned earlier) but most importantly, think CONNECTION.

We are on the threshold of a great opportunity to create everlasting change.  I want you to thrive.  The Universe wants you to thrive.  But what about you?  Are you ready to break free from the safety of your cocoon?  Or should I say, the PRISON of your cocoon... The Butterfly Maiden has come and although she is young and light, she is going to deliver you all the input you need to transform from caterpillar to Badass Butterfly.  Call upon her and accept her guidance with appreciation.

Beloved, this is plenty of information to help you connect with the Full Moon energy.  If you want to connect more deeply, then you'll want to read the entire report and do the Full Moon Ritual.  You will need a membership for that as my juiciest work is EXCLUSIVE to my Badass Butterfly Tribe!  Check out the membership page for details.  Here's a little hint... if you just want to read the complete report, then sign-up for the FREE Beloved Caterpillar Training.  If you want the complete report, the ritual and the meditations, sign-up for the Gentle Cocooning Training for just $18 per month... if you want to go all in, then sign-up for a year of Gentle Cocooning Training and save 10%.  Use coupon code Halloween18.

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Happy Full Moon!


Restoring Balance and Harmony to Relationships: Happy New Moon in Libra!

Beloved friend, Happy New Moon!  The best way to access the entire New Moon in Libra Report and support my work is through the Badass Butterfly Training program.  You can get this full report AND the entire New and Full Moon Rituals at the FREE  Gentle Cocooning membership level in October.  Sign up for membership and get access to the New Moon Report, the RITUAL and my entire Badass Butterfly Self-Love program.   So come and join my tribe of Badass Butterflies following the Moon and learning Unconditional Self Love.

Introduction to the New Moon in Libra…

Now is a great time to look at where you go to extremes in your thinking, feeling and behaving.  Look at where you are out of alignment.  The Sun moved into Libra on September 23rd and it will stay until October 22nd.  This whole month-long period is a great time to do assessments of your life.  Are you balancing work and play?  Masculine focus with feminine focus?  Are you meditating and giving time to your spiritual life or are you being overly outward—giving all your time to other people and other endeavors… maybe even avoiding spending time alone?  How are you in your relationships?  It is easy to put our focus on the other person in our partnerships, but this must be balanced with focusing on ourselves.  And of course, we might be on the other end of that spectrum where we are only considering our own perspective and not seeing our partner enough.  Be careful, friend!  This could sneak up on you as a spiritual blindspot.  We point our finger at the other person and forget that three fingers are pointing back at us.  The Sun in Libra is an excellent opportunity to get our perspective balanced because Libra, in addition to balance, is also about partnership.

Again, Libra is opposite Aries.  Aries is all about the self.  It is ruled by Mars and it has a strong, confident ego.  Libra, being on the other end of the spectrum is about partnership and relativity.  When the Sun come to this end of the Zodiac, we are naturally moved to balance and harmonize our self through our relationships.  Put this at the very top of your focus this month, my friend.  Use this Sun in Libra energy to bring balance and harmony to your world—especially your relationships.

On October 9th, the Moon rises new in Libra, so there is a double emphasis on creating harmony and balance in your life.

What you do during this time is ultra important for determining your future!  As the New Moon (feminine) and the Sun (masculine) are in the same sign, it is easy to think of this as a moment of conception.  What’s being conceived?  Whatever you decide.  Doing a ritual at the New Moon is an excellent way to get directly involved with your power to manifest the future you desire.  In our Law of Attraction world, at the time of the New Moon, Master Manifestors work on two levels—inwardly and outwardly.  Inwardly, you work with the feminine self (using the Moon) to clear your energy fields of disparate energy, balance your emotions, heal your mind and soothe your body.  Outwardly, you work with the masculine self (using the Sun) to create plans and take actions that are INSPIRED BY THE HARMONY INSIDE YOURSELF!

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Happy New Moon!