Calling all Badass Butterflies!

Badass Butterfly Training is a vibration-raising Self-Love journey that will take you from earth-bound caterpillar to Badass Butterfly. This exclusive membership program is your go-to source for inspiration and support as you expand and develop into your greatest potential. Guidance is offered by Crystal Lynn Bell who prepares a detailed monthly program for all subscribers.  The Badass Butterfly is guided by the Moon, so each month, members receive detailed Moon Reports, Rituals, Meditations and Spirit-expanding Challenges.  For those who desire more in-depth assistance, there are classes, and private and group coaching available, as well.

Do you want to be a Badass Butterfly, but find yourself stuck in fear, doubt, low self-esteem and other negative emotions?

Since starting this work eight years ago, I’ve been getting really clear about who I Am as a healer and Spiritual Life Coach, as well as with whom I desire to work.  The Universe has delivered me a whole lot of women who desire to live their lives from the inside out.  YES!  Since realizing my calling, Spirit has been guiding me to raise the bar on my offerings and to create programs that will bring me face-to-face with my tribe.  If you enjoy being in touch with the Moon, the Sun and other planets; if you love exploring your emotions and doing the work to authentically heal them; if you really enjoy connecting with other Souls striving to authentic and aligned with their Higher Self, then you are in the exact right place.  Welcome to Badass Butterfly Training.

Badass Butterfly Training offers you four levels of membership that will let you enjoy a high quality content right at your fingertips.  Take a look at the different memberships below and see what appeals to you.  If you have any questions about the programs, please email

First, Choose Your Membership Level:

  1. Choose the FREE Beloved Caterpillar membership level and you will automatically receive:
    • Exclusive access to the Badass Butterfly Training website
    • Free entry to our private Badass Butterfly Training Facebook Group
    • The monthly Full Moon and New Moon reports delivered right to your inbox
    • Monthly Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly Gathering replay
    • Monthly Spirit Challenges to keep you motivated with things like meditation, yoga, diet, and all your emotional wellness practices!
    • Automatic enrollment in Badass Butterfly’s Moonlight Book Club (optional)
  2. Choose the Gentle Cocooning membership level if you are wanting to invest your time and energy in a powerful healing practice each month.  At the Gentle Cocooning level, you pay just $18 per month and receive all the benefits of the Beloved Caterpillar level plus access to these super-helpful tools:
    • Exclusive access to the updated Monthly Full Moon and Monthly New Moon Rituals
    • Monthly Sun and Moon Quick Guide
    • Monthly Tarot Overview (for deeper insights and guidance)
    • Seasonal Meditation and Blessing download (mp3/video)
    • The complete monthly Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly report and download delivered right to your inbox.
    • Private invitation and a personalized reading during the monthly Spiritual Guidance for the Badass Butterfly Gathering.  You have the option to submit your question offline if you are unable to attend the live event.
  3.  Choose the Badass Butterfly Wings membership level if you are ready to start doing some very focused work on becoming a Badass Butterfly. At the Badass Butterfly Wings level you pay $126 per month and receive ALL the benefits of the Gentle Cocooning level with these high-vibration additions:
    • Invites to private Badass Butterfly Training online workshops and classes.
    • Exclusive access to the Badass Butterfly Training Monthly Healing Exercise.  Each month you are given a powerful healing exercise to learn, practice and apply to yourself for healing.  The goal of this Healing Exercise is to help you consciously use the current energies of the month to assist in your healing journey.  This comes in the form of a video/mp3 with step-by-step instructions to follow.
    • Exclusive access to the Badass Butterfly Emotional Healing Video Series.  This video series is a complete emotional healing course that arrives in your inbox every two weeks.  It teaches you how to do Shadow Work, Light Work and Healing.  You’ll learn powerful spiritual practices like smudging and protection, as well as, diving deeply into spiritual laws like the Law of Attraction, the Principle of Allowance, and the Cycle of Manifestation.  This entire course is especially curated and delivered to you in a way that will allow you to right away connect with your Higher Self, communicate with your Soul and Spirit Guides, revive your Inner Child, correct any disempowered subconscious thoughts and very powerfully awaken to your Badass Butterfly self.  This is a powerful healing and transformational weapon that will teach you so much about your spirit and your emotional self!  This is going to truly make you recognize your Badass Butterfly Nature!
  4. If you want to dive DEEP into the transformation process then you’ll join the Badass Butterfly Training at the Badass Butterfly Master Manifestor membership level.  At the Badass Butterfly Master Manifestor level, you’ll pay $360 per month and receive all the benefits of the Badass Butterfly Wings membership levels with the additional benefits of:
    •  Four Badass Butterfly Group Coaching sessions per month!  This is when you come together with other Badass Butterflies and get coaching help for your own unique energy and healing journey.  In group coaching you receive your own coaching, but you also gain by learning from the other members in the session.  You can bring your work around the videos you’re currently working on or just a personal issue you want to resolve.  These sessions are magical as our Spirit Guides bring us together to work through powerful initiations into new life and new expressions!  This group work is a powerful way to get the healing you need from an expert group and a community of like-minded Souls awakening as you are.

In the training program, we do the work that heals your deep wounding, teach you REAL self-love, correct your disempowered (erroneous) thinking while creating new powerful thoughts that will birth you into your very own Badass Butterfly. We also eradicate all those old limiting beliefs and help you integrate new, divinity-enforcing beliefs that will let you think BIG… Confident like a Badass. You have to change your vibration and live into it, integrating the hard lessons as well as, accepting your gifts.

The thing you have to know is that this is NOT a quick-fix that will inspire you for a day or two and then let you drop.  This is a mind-blowing, life-changing journey into the center of yourself.  You have the potential to be a Badass Butterfly.  This program will help you unlock it and put it to good use.